Accidents on Construction Sites in Louisiana

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Any time someone is hurt at work there is a process to recover money or “compensation” for time lost from work and medical expenses. Typically this is paid by a workers’ compensation insurance policy. Whether your workplace is 20 stories in the air doing construction or sitting at a desk, you are covered by workers’ compensation. That said, when it comes to accidents and potential for injury, a construction site is a very complicated place to work. When injuries happen at worksites, those injury claims can likewise, be fairly complicated.

How is a Construction Accident Different from Other Work-Related Injuries?

There are times that a construction accident only involves the work being done by your employer when you were injured, and in that case, it is like any other workers compensation claim. However, because of the complexity and inherent danger of a construction site where many contractors have employees working on a construction site at the same time, often times your injury may have been caused by the negligence of another contractor or its employee. In that case, you can have a workers compensation claim and a separate claim known as a “third party” claim against the other contractor and his employee. The third party claim allows you to recover more damages than just what is covered by workers compensation.

What Steps Should I Take after a Construction Accident?

  • Seek Medical Treatment Right Away
    After an injury the most important thing is to call emergency services or (if you are able) get to a hospital for medical treatment ASAP. DO NOT “wait to see if you feel better” or “have it checked out tomorrow”. Any delay in receiving treatment will be treated by the insurance company as a reason that the injury was not that serious.
  • Document the Injury Site
    This may be difficult if you are hospitalized, but have a co-worker or family member (assuming they can safely access the work site) take pictures. Pictures can be valuable evidence in a construction site accident where things are moving and equipment is coming and going every day.
  • Report Injury
    Report the injury immediately to your supervisor. If you report the injury later, you will likely be treated as if the injury never happened.
  • Contact Ely Law Office to Pursue the Best Possible Outcome
    In a construction accident case having an attorney who can handle both the work comp and third party personal injury pieces of your claim makes things a lot easier on you. As your attorney, Rick will work on your work comp claim and search for any possible third party claims as well. He will pursue every dollar that can help you and your family recover.

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After an accident at work, you need to focus on your physical recovery, not arguing back and forth with the insurance company. Put Rick’s experience to work for you - start with a free consultation where you can learn how he can help you work towards resolving your injury claim with the best possible outcome.

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