Car Accidents While Driving for Work

Who is Responsible for Employees Hurt While Driving for Work?

After any accident, figuring out which insurance company will be held responsible can be a difficult process. All of the insurance companies have teams of lawyers, all paid to help the insurance company pay out as little, and on as few claims as possible. This can result in blame shifting, waiting times and your claim getting denied, devalued or delayed. Rick Ely uses his extensive experience in both workers’ compensation law and personal injury law to hold the appropriate party (or parties) responsible and get your claim resolved.

If you are hurt at work, you will likely be covered under your employer’s workers’ comp insurance. If you are a driver who gets hurt while you are at work, your workers’ compensation claim may also involve a claim against the other driver. The claim against the other driver, or more accurately their insurance company is referred to as a third party claim. Rick Ely has extensive experience in both Workers’ Comp and Third Party Claims and can coordinate both claims on your behalf.

When Workers’ Compensation & Third Party Claims Overlap 

In New Orleans, like throughout the U.S., more and more people are ordering online and having goods delivered to them, which means delivery services are becoming more and more popular. That means there are more and more delivery drivers on the roads. If you are injured while making deliveries, you likely have a workers compensation claim. Even though the shipping company may call you an “independent contractor” in an effort to avoid being responsible for providing you with workers compensation coverage, many courts have held that those companies do owe delivery drivers workers compensation benefits in the event of an injury. And, if you are involved in an auto accident while delivering for work, you may have a claim for both workers compensation AND what’s known as a “third party” claim against the other driver at fault for causing the accident. Rick Ely has extensive experience in both workers compensation and third party claims and can coordinate both claims on your behalf.

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